Chew Well

What to do? 

Chew every bite of food well till it becomes paste-like before you swallow. Our great grandparents advised this as there's a scientific reason behind it. 

Why is it important?

Because your stomach does not have teeth. 80% digestion happens in your mouth. Food particles become fine like paste and mix well with saliva. Saliva is in itself a digestive enzyme. 

Paste instead of solid particles also increases the surface area of food particles so that hydrochloric acid & saliva together in your stomach can act better for optimum digestion. Food, when not chewed well, leads to constipation, weight gain and generates AMA. 

Also remember

  • Chew your food 32 times till it becomes paste-like before swallowing
  • Completely swallow before taking another bite of food
  • Never drink fluids until you have swallowed paste-like food
  • Eat mindfully - Enjoy the taste of every morsel in your mouth
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